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Online training is a flexible and cost effective program that is well suited for any goals you may have. We design programs for you that can be done at your home, fitness center or even on vacation or on a business trip. Our Programs are unique in that you will have direct access to the expertise and motivation of a certified personal trainer at a fraction of the cost AND you can work out on your own time.

What you can get…

Emailed Online Fitness Programs

Workout Updates - your program will be adjusted at different times through out the month to continue to challenge you and help you improve.

Login Site Access - you will receive your own private screen name and password login ID, so that you may have access to your program details and correspond with your trainer.

Progression Log - You can login your workout progress so that your trainer can later review and send you feed back on it.

Access to Online Member Forum – Communicate with other online training members. Share tips, questions, and thoughts about your program or other health and fitness tips on a forum message board.

Tips and Recipes Access – Gain access to free healthy recipes and health and fitness tips courtesy of your trainer on topics related to your health and progress.

Unlimited Trainer Email Access - Email your trainer any time of the day. Receive a response to any questions, thoughts and more within 24hrs.

Digital Food Journal - Enter in your food consumption for the day/week, so that your trainer can view it later and assist you on your eating habits. (For digital food monitoring add on members only)

Weekly Conference Calls - Communicate with your trainer using the telephone or online voice communication once a week.)

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