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Our Services

We offer a personalized fitness and wellness experience like no other.

Whether it is our unique group fitness classes or our Results Driven Personal Training our services are the most innovative - engaging - fun and effective programs in the area!

Try out one of our services and see for yourself!


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Our out of the box personal training sets us apart from any other plan, gym or workout you have been exposed to. We believe in challenging the mind and body in ways that replicates real life. Our studio strays away from the single use heavy machinery and instead uses more muscle challenging equipment such as the TRX training system, stability and medicine balls, free weights and more!

Get the knowledge, experience, and motivation of a certified personal trainer to help you get the body you deserve.

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We specialize in...

Fat Loss

Core Training

Athlete Training

Multi-Functional Training

Lean Muscle Development

Last but not least, Life Transformations!

We Offer...

30 Minute Sessions

1 Hour Sessions

2-3 Person Training Sessions

Small Group Specific Training (4-6 people)


It is a 2 month Program

Participant must commit to a minimum 3 Cardiovascular Group Fitness Classes per week, with strict attendance policy.

One Time Mandatory Nutritional Consultation and Supermarket Tour as well as weekly nutritional monitoring using our official journal.

2 Times per week Personal Training sessions during the 2 month program (Participant must complete 2 sessions a week).

Mandatory Weekly Weigh ins and 3 Body Composition and Physical Assessments.

Includes a Before and After Picture

The Transformation 60 Program is an intense 60 day program, consisting of 5 days of Group resistance and cardiovascular training sessions. The program also includes a strict cleansing nutrition program that focuses on whole food/non processed food consumption as well as an educational component on how to not only obtain but maintain a healthier strong body well after the program.

All Participants enter this program under the guidance of Innovative Personal Trainer - Will Mackie and his team of Certified Fitness Coaches.

At the end of it all, you will come out a brand new individual, forever Transformed!

To date this program has a 100% success rate since it began!

Next Program Begins January, 15th 2018

Click Below to visit the T60 facebook page to speak with real life Transformation 60 graduates and to view dramatic before and after pictures! pulse

Our classes are the most innovative in the area. We have something for everyone and we always add our own special twist to each and every class that will motivate you to get an incredible workout like none other! Check out our current schedule below!

Class offerings

Cardio Kick

Combat Kick

Mini Trampoline/IFW Bounce

Rise & Grind/Boot Camp

Spartan SGX - Obstacle Course Training


and more!

Nutritional Programs


    60-minute nutritional overview appointment
    60-minute supermarket tour
    Fresh Start nutritional guide
    Price: $75.00


    60-minute nutritional overview appointment
    60-minute supermarket tour
    Fresh Start nutritional guide
    Personalized meal plan with recipes
    Two 30-minute follow-up appointments (within one month’s time)
    Weekly coaching via email
    Initial assessment, bi-weekly weigh-ins
    Fit Book Dietary Log
    Price: $200.00

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